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DMX 06.01.15 Released
Last Post 12/16/2016 11:59 AM by Peter Donker. 0 Replies.
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Peter Donker
Veteran Member
Veteran Member

12/16/2016 11:59 AM
    This release addresses an issue with the categories control. Since the shift away from Telerik by DNN Corp, this adjustment is needed for all those running the DNN 8 version of the module.

    Secondly you can now set the amount of search results retrieved by Lucene separately from the total shown on screen. This is only an issue for those that find significantly less content is returned from a search when doing a contents search. The reason is that search is done in 2 stages: contents and metadata. The contents search (by default) uses Lucene. To protect the server against overload DMX stops retrieving documents after a point from Lucene when doing a contents search. This was hard coded at 100. In various experiments it was clear that allowing much higher limits could cause the server to time out. So in this version you can set this number yourself under search settings. So keep in mind: if you've increased this and the server begins to time out during search, then decrease this value again.

    Finally a note about installation. I've witnessed several occasions where had locked files in the DNN installation and the installation of a module failed with the message "unable to install resource file" or something similar. During a next install things appeared to go well, but some files had not in fact been overwritten. If you see an error during operation like "can't find the dmx:CategorySelect component" then do the following:
    - reinstall the module
    I.e. just upload the module again. DNN will prompt "do you wish to repair?" and you need to check that box. Then DNN will definitively overwrite all files with the files in the zip file. It is important you have the latest files installed and they are all in every release zip!

    You are not authorized to post a reply.