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DMX 6.2

Today marks the release of DMX 6.2. The releases of the past few years have been mostly to solidify the product and were released without much fanfare. This release however, includes a few significant changes that require some explanation on our behalf.

The module management mess

At the beginning of this year I took it upon myself to rewrite the DNN Blog module. You know, the “official” core version. Why? Well, that will be the subject of another blog post. In this post I just want to talk about a new path I’ve taken in this module with regard to the way it is packaged and instantiated on a page.

DotNetNuke World and DMX 6 Release Candidate

Just a few days ago the snowplow poles have gone into the ground along our roads.This means two things: 1. the snow is coming, and 2. it’s conference season. Every year around this time of the year there is the main US DotNetNuke conference. This year it’s called DotNetNuke World. It’s in Orlando on November 9-11 and I will be attending. And just like 2007 and 2009 I will be presenting as well.

DMX 6 goes beta

I’ve kept rather quiet lately as I’ve been working hard on this new version of Document Exchange. But just now I feel this is now at a stage where it can begin being released in the wild. DMX 6 builds on the strong features of DMX 5 and adds a bunch more. While at the same time effort has been devoted to try and slim down where possible.