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DMX 05.03.01 and the difficulty of supporting DNN 4

I’d like to spend a couple of minutes explaining what the difficulties are supporting legacy DNN installations. This is also the reason there is now a new release out: 05.03.01. As we move forward we’ll try to stay on top of things and keep rolling out releases if we find anything.

How to upgrade a DNN module or the importance of backing up

To most of you this is a trivial issue. In fact my guess is that you’re probably scratching your head thinking why the heck we need a post on this. But I came to the conclusion that this was necessary seeing an influx of new DotNetNuke users that were confused about upgrading a third party module (emails asking “how do I upgrade DMX?”) and, more importantly, I had a couple of bad experiences recently upgrading some of my own sites and felt it was time I reiterated a “best practice” for upgrading.

Document Exchange 5.3.0 Released

Hi all,

After Months of programming, testing, tweaking, programming, testing, etc Document Exchange 5.3 has been released. A number of changes were made to the way DMX works that necessitated prolonged testing. The dependencies have also been changed for the first time in more than a year. This means you will need to make sure your installation meets the minimum requirements before you upgrade your existing installation! What follows are a number of highlights of this release.

DotNetNuke 05.05.00 and new release of DMX (05.02.10)

The release of DotNetNuke is a major step on the way to having what we as Europeans have always wanted: our favourite CMS with content localization abilities. With such a significant release (there were many architectural changes necessary) it is no surprise that some changes will break 3rd party modules.

DotNetNuke 5 Compatibility Issues

I wish I wouldn’t have to write this post, but it has now become inevitable. There are DotNetNuke versions that break (parts of) Document Exchange. Specifically DotNetNuke 05.04.00, which was released last Monday, breaks all custom aspx pages in third party modules.