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Mecanoo website goes live

Last Tuesday the new website of Mecanoo architecten BV went live. Mecanoo is one of Holland’s leading architecture firms with over 50 employees handling projects around the globe. They were founded in the 80s by a group of students from the Delft University of Technology architecture school (the same that I attended, incidentally) and are firmly rooted in its modernist heritage. They have produced a string of landmark buildings and they’re continuously flooded by intern requests from around the world.

First OpenForce over, next one about to start

A week ago the first OpenForce (the main DNN conference series) ended. Two days of presentations surrounded by lots of downtime with DNN colleagues. As a speaker I got the best of it this year. Paid hotel accommodations, paid food, paid drinks. What more could you want? Plus you get the wonderful Holland tour the day after the conference. This is where the conference speakers are shown a piece of folkloric Holland to remember their trip by. Here is a quick ‘n dirty report from those days.

Repairing a DNN 5.1.2 installation that’s missing the default language

There are just some days when things unexpectedly crash, and you have no clue why. This time I installed a brand new DNN 05.01.02 and could not save the Site Settings. The message: “language cannot be null” was clear enough. But when I went down the languages dropdown … it was empty. Seconds later I was in my SQL Mgt Studio trying to figure out if it was related to data, and it sure was. Here is a fix.

Adding code highlighting to DNN Blog module 03.05.01

Ever wondered if you could also have glitzy code highlighting you so often see on other sites on your own blog? But you’re using the core blog module and you’re not quite sure how to do that? Well, I felt the same. I set about looking for the various alternatives. The goal was to find a way in which I could insert code blocks into my Windows Live Writer (WLW) and be done with it. I.e. those code blocks should make it to the blog without any intervention (read: HTML source modifying). There are several plugins for WLW that do source highlighting and I’m not going to claim the solution I have is the best. I guess they all have their merits. But the combo I eventually ended up targeting is Alex Gorbatchev’s highlighter in combination with the precode plugin for WLW. The choice was made easier when I found none other than Scott Hanselman himself had written a post about this highlighter. So here is how to integrate this into DNN Blog 03.05.01 in 3 simple steps.