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Proposal for DNN Dynamic Localization

Since DotNetNuke (DNN) has introduced localization features, its popularity in Western European countries has significantly increased. This is based on observation from our sales and email inbox. Since its inception, DNN has been a mostly Anglophonic affair given the fact that all documentation and administration was English. The introduction of static localization allowing the translation of the management engine has changed this. It is now possible to roll out websites that are completely non-English.

However, one final hurdle remains: to be able to have truly multilingual sites. The current (3.1) DNN framework will allow for monolinguistic non-English sites, but not multilingual ones. The ability to have multilingual sites is especially important in countries that have more than one official language. Amongst these is , the country where Bring2mind is based.

Proposal for new IEventEnabled interface in DNN

Module developers sometimes have the need to be able to detect important events that occur in the DNN Core. Until now the only way is to try and detect changes during code execution, but typically code execution happens during a page hit, so this would impede performance. The proposal outlines a way for the core to call modules’ business controllers to notify them of particular events.