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Document Exchange
Document Exchange is the premier document management solution for DotNetNuke (DNN). With it you can turn your DotNetNuke installation into an incredibly capable document manager. Specify exactly who can see or edit content. Read more ...
USD 249.00 USD 249.00 View Details
Document Exchange Lite
DMX Lite is a slimmed down version of the main product.
USD 99.00 USD 99.00 View Details
Document Exchange (Pro)
The pro version differs from the regular version in that it allows you to use DMX on unlimited portals on a single DNN installation (the regular is limited to 25 portals).
USD 349.00 USD 349.00 View Details
Document Exchange (Partial Source)
The partial source code version includes the source code for all the code behind classes of the UI. It gives you the opportunity to change/tune the UI to your liking and see how to interact with the DMX business and data access layers.
USD 449.00 USD 449.00 View Details
Document Exchange (Enterprise)
The enterprise version of DMX allows you to installa and activate the module on as many installations as you need for your own organization. It does not allow redistribution of the module to 3rd parties. There is no limit on the nr of portals.
USD 1799.00 USD 1799.00 View Details
Document Exchange (OEM)
The OEM version of DMX allows limitless redistribution and activation within your own vertical solution. This license includes the partial source.
USD 1999.00 USD 1999.00 View Details
Document Exchange Lite (Source)
Source code version of the DMX Lite product
USD 399.00 USD 399.00 View Details


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