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DMX 05.02.11 Released

With preparations for the 05.03.00 release well underway it was deemed necessary to release a (we hope final) 5.2 bugfix release. This time it addresses an issue found in file sizes when using an addon that creates child elements of files like the DocView or Gallery extensions. Potentially during an empty recycle bin the file sizes may go haywire and you won't be able to download the original file any more (although it's still there and perfectly fine).

So in this release we introduce a new script "Reset file sizes" which examines all stored files and fixes file sizes if necessary. Only use this script if you notice particular files have a wrong file size indicated in the UI and will no longer download correctly.

A small enhancement was also introduced: limiting category contents to the selected folder root. I.e. when you select a category in the main UI then until now you'd see all items thus categorized. In this new version only those items will show that fall under the currently selected root for that module. This is by default ON! So if you want the old behavior go to the module settings and deselect the checkbox next to "limit category contents to root".

Official note here:

Find the module through the regular channels or through the download link on the home page.