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Last Post 02/16/2007 4:38 PM by  Peter Donker
How to Configure Full Text searches
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New Member
New Member

02/15/2007 12:30 PM

    I've recently reviewed the forums for instructions on the above and consolidated the below procedure

    Its based on Windows 2003 and Sql Server 2005 - hope u find useful



    1. Full text indexing

    In Enterprise manager Database/Properties/Files

    Click full text indexing to enable on database


    2. Install the Adobe iFilter

    Find the exe file at DNN/Software/Modules/Bring2Mind/Search

    Or download from

    Double click it on the web server


    3. You unchecked the 'rename extensions' in DMX?


    You verified the existence of non-extension-renamed material in the repository?

    I.e. documents that are NOT called something.resources.


    If you already the use .resource option ticked and have documents loaded you will need to convert them back and change the option. The sql below will generate a sql script and bat file to rename the files. Note change the portal id to the relavant id.


    select entry, originalfilename

    , 'rename '+entry+'   '


    right(originalfilename,CHARINDEX('.', reverse(originalfilename)) )

    ) rnm

    , 'update dmx_entries set entry = '''


    right(originalfilename,CHARINDEX('.', reverse(originalfilename)) )

    ) + ''' where entryid = '  + cast(entryid as varchar) upd

    from dmx_entries

    where portalid = 1

    and entrytype not in ('Collection')


    copy the rnm column into a bat file and run it in the dmx directory

    copy the upd column and run it in sql server


    4. Create the indexing catalog on the server

    Go to Administration/Computer Management > Indexing Service

    Right click – New Catalog

    You gave the catalog a simple name like 'dnncat' or something and filled that in, in the box on the DMX options screen? Avoid any fancy characters in catalog names

    The path determines where the catalog file will be created – not the path of the files to be indexed.

    Click ok and the catalog will be created

    Then drill down into the catalog to Directories

    Right Click directories etc

    New Directory and select the directory in which the documents to be indexed are located.


    5. Set the dnn db user to sysadmin

    In sql server go to Security / Logins and click the server role


    6. Attach the indexing catalog to the sql server (function within docexch options)

    Make sure the Indexing service is started

    Fo to a DMX module/Options/Portal and type in the name of the catalog and click attach


    5. Remove the sysadmin from dnn db user


    6. Do an iisreset


    7. Test

    You've opened the computer management console, gone to the Indexing Service under services,

    and tried querying the catalog directly from there with positive results?

    Peter Donker
    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    02/16/2007 4:38 PM
    Thanks a bunch for this Paul.
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