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Last Post 04/25/2007 9:13 PM by  Peter Donker
Any update on thumbnails?
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New Member

04/10/2007 11:56 AM

    We’re very interested in the Document Exchange 3 module for two purposes.  It is already capable as being the solution for the first purpose straight out of the box but for the second we would like it to be able to display a thumbnail image of graphic files held in the system.  I see that this has been discussed previously but can't see if the core module provides this functionality by default.

    Can someone advise if the core module can do this and if so point me to relevant documentation or are there plans to incorporate this in a future release?  If not is it possible that an add-on for or customised version of the module can be developed?



    Peter Donker
    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    04/25/2007 9:13 PM
    There is a quick way to do it, but you have to delve into the resource files. If you open up ViewCollection.ascx.resx you'll find an entry called ColumnList.Text. The columns are defined by a list of parameters seperated by pipe-symbols. The columns themselves are seperated by semi-colons. If you add the following you'll get a thumbnail column:
    Note that this is a temporary solution in DMX and we expect to have a better solution in some future version. For now use this. Note that the thumbnails are 150 px max size (max height or width).
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