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Last Post 05/25/2007 1:53 PM by  Peter Donker
Full text search - observations
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Peter Milliner
New Member
New Member

05/25/2007 12:57 AM

    To all,

    Just some observations I have made.  I have full text now working using dmx 03.04.07 on dnn 3.3.7 (dotnet 1.1.x).

    I had several problems to start off with but thanks to the instructions from Paul Morgan it finally worked.  His script to change documents from .resources to original extension was greatly appreciated.

    Several issues I came across. 

    • I have dmx running on one intranet site but have several instances on different pages.  I found that I had to change settings under OPTIONS>PORTAL separately for each instance - that included the search page and the search page results I have included on dnn search.  Even though it states Note: these settings apply to all Document Exchange modules in this portal ).  This had me for a while because I was getting different results for each instance.
    • This is just a small issue but had me for a while.  Instead of clicking search on search page I would out of habit press ENTER not realising that sometimes I clicked on search and sometimes I just pressed ENTER - this brought up different results - usually nothing found if pressed ENTER.
    • I use dnn search to search documents as well as quick search - I have found users tend when they are searching for strings two words together i.e. Staff Directory they get alot of results because it searches for both Staff or Directory (This is more of an issue of educating staff to use advanced search on DMX) but it would be good if Quick Search could have the same option as in Advanced Search.  I know this would also need to be addressed when using integrated with DNN search.

    Thanks again to Paul Morgan for his instructions and Peter Donker for his assistance.


    Peter M.
    Bendigo Victoria Australia.

    Peter Donker
    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    05/25/2007 1:53 PM

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your notes. I'm happy to announce the departure from MS Indexing Service for DMX 4!! It has been a nightmare all along mostly because of undocumented 'features' that bugged our endeavour. So what is next? Well it's going to be Lucene. I've managed to hook it up and it looks to be the perfect solution.

    Resources on Lucene:


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