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Last Post 01/01/1900 12:00 AM by  Anonymous
Problems with Downloads
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Krista Landon
New Member
New Member

08/15/2005 3:32 PM
    Users seem to be timing out on downloads from our DMX.  The download file size was 12.3 meg.  It was a powerpoint presentation.  Their browser will tell them the download is complete, but the file size will not be the full file and will not open (partial downloads).  If I use File Manager in DNN they're able to get the file.  I've modified the timout and max file sizes in the web.config.  I'm not sure what else to try.

    Peter Donker
    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    08/16/2005 12:21 AM

    I'll try and invoke the same error. What is your setup?

    Down/upload timeouts are tricky as IIS has several protection mechanisms against denial of service attacks. Having said that, DMX uses another method of serving the file than the DNN core does. The latter gives you a 'hard reference' to the document by url so IIS takes care of streaming it to you. In DMX a procedure is used to pull the file from hard disk and stick it into the http stream. This means more coding, but allows the complete separation of the file from the downloaded entity (thereby permitting my own security model). I follow well documented and well known algorithms for this.


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