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Last Post 02/01/2008 12:01 PM by  Peter Donker
DMX 04.02.00 Released
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Peter Donker
Veteran Member
Veteran Member

01/31/2008 7:57 PM

    Hi All,

    DMX 04.02.00 was uploaded just moments ago. Please note the following: if you're upgrading from an earlier version of DMX 4 you need to run a script after installation.

    1. Go to admin > Run Scripts and select 'Reinstall config'. This will make an ever so slight adjustment to the lines in your web.config.

    2. There's also a change to be made in IIS to the application configuration. You need to add the dll as a wildcard. You'll find this described in detail with screenshots in the updated installation manual that is downloadable here.

    Changes since v 04.01.00 are:

    Added support for addon settings
    Bugfix: 'filter list on' now remains on callback
    Improvement: width of columns removed to let CA layout the columns
    Bugfix: external postbacks no longer destroy the UI

    Enhancement: WebDAV permissions per role
    Bugfix: Prevent WebDAV auth handler from handling other axd requests (error appeared in DNN 04.08.00 probably due to reshuffling of web.config)
    Change: A soft-deleted item will get hard-deleted when overwritten using WebDAV if the WebDAVHardDelete flag is set (DMX Main Options), otherwise a new version is created
    Enhancements to menu logic to include addon menus (useful for later expansions of DMX)
    New Feature: Mail Me command for items sends an email to the user with the document as attachment
    Fix to Lucene indexinging engine: changed the iFilter invocation code which appears to solve content indexing issues
    Author field to 500 Chars
    Added Xml as file type to the module
    Enhancement: String type custom attributes can now specify a regular expression for input validation
    Fixed security loophole in Download code
    More repairs to file grid column widths
    Fix for DNN 4.8 not providing portal Settings
    Fixed filename not being correctly loaded in ImportDirectory method in core API
    Changes to WebDAV component to adapt to new MS protocol in Vista/Office2007
    Enhancement: added a FileDropDown control that can be used in addons to select the contents of DMX
    Improvement/bugfix: languages now only present the Enabled Languages and not all Installed Languages.

    Kind regards,

    Peter Donker, Bring2mind


    Peter Donker
    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    01/31/2008 8:06 PM

    The new manuals and module can be found here:

    Rob Ralston
    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    02/01/2008 1:39 AM

    Hi Peter,

    As I have reported on earlier 4.02 beta versions, this release version also required me to issue an IISReset after installation. Prior to issuing the reset I could no longer connect to webfolders via WebDAV, and when accessing folders via the web UI, the module just "hung" and essentially hung my entire site. After the reset, the site and module behavior went back to "normal".

    On the good side, I'm really glad you've gotten WebDAV permissions controlled via security roles now. Great enhancement.

    Rob Ralston

    Peter Donker
    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    02/01/2008 12:01 PM
    Hi Rob,

    In my experience it is very hard to design for the various different caching scenarios that are alive around the planet. My advice now is to just reset IIS so all caches are cleared. I've given up trying to micro-control the caches during upgrade processes.

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