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Last Post 03/19/2008 9:06 PM by  Peter Donker
Extensions & Addons in DMX4
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New Member
New Member

03/18/2008 4:21 PM


    I'm really "green" at both DNN and DMX so please bare with me.

    I have to upgrade from DNN 3.2.2 to 4.8.1. The former app uses DMX 03.04.08 with the following addons:

    • Navigator         - 01.00.08
    • PDF Viewer     - 01.00.06
    • Shortlist            - 01.01.04
    • What's New     - 01.00.05
    • MailDoc            - 01.00.04

    My setup meets all requirements for DMX4.

    My questions:

    1. Is DMX 3.4.8 (and above-mentioned addons) compatible with DNN4.8.1?
    2. Does DMX 4 have these addons "built-in" to it? I can't seem to find any reference to them in Exchage 4.

    Many thanks

    Peter Donker
    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    03/19/2008 9:06 PM

    There is a newer version of DMX 3 out by now called 03.05.05. The latter runs happily on 04.08.01 like on this site. The 03.04.08 will probably also run on DNN 4.8.1 (as there were few breaking changes) but it is not tested.

    Regarding the addons in DMX 4:
    1. Navigator is obsolete. It is now part of the module.
    2. PDF viewer has not been made yet. The interface is different and there is not yet a good place to put this.
    3. Shortlist exists but has not been uploaded here yet.
    4. What's new exists but has not been uploaded yet.
    5. Maildoc has not yet been migrated.

    Kind regards,
    Peter Donker
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