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Last Post 08/25/2010 4:32 PM by  Peter Donker
DMX 05.02.10 Released
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Peter Donker
Veteran Member
Veteran Member

08/25/2010 4:32 PM

    Hi all,

    05.02.10 most importantly addresses some breaking changes with DNN 5.5. The full change list:

    Fix: DNN 5.5.0 breaking changes fixed: SQL to get module list and Caching method signature (DMX-338)
    Fix: Repair permissions script no longer copies in permissions from other portals (DMX-330)
    Fix: Search panel addition to search results page script fixed (DMX-339)
    Fix: Changed CurrentUICulture references to CurrentCulture in line with DNN 5.5 developments (DMX-332)
    Fix: Added defensive coding around loggers to prevent errors appearing in DNN event log
    Fix: Double quotes in user DisplayName wrecks menu (DMX-337)
    Enhancement: Friendlier feedback messages of errors in Ajax UI feeback panel (DMX-331/297)
    Fix: Manual activation screen now shows texts in DNN 4 (DMX-340)

    Take usual precautions when upgrading (backup etc). The module can be found through the regular channels and through the download link on the home page of this site.


    You are not authorized to post a reply.