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Last Post 02/15/2011 5:09 PM by  Peter Donker
DMX 05.03.06 Released
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Peter Donker
Veteran Member
Veteran Member

02/15/2011 5:09 PM
    Today DMX 05.03.06 was posted. Changes include:

    Enhancement: Allow IS Search provider to determine its own local path to files (DMX-382)
    Fix: License screen callbacks no longer throw error in DNN 5.6.1 (DMX-392)
    Fix: Sometimes notifications would not be sent to approvers (DMX-393)
    Fix: Cleanup code could delete files from other portals (DMX-394)
    Fix: New Item Exception in Template UI/Single Screen edit/Non-Admins and wrong EntryId in Templated View (DMX-390)
    Fix: Soft-delete of entry with bad [path] value could lead to soft delete of repository (DMX-384)
    Fix: GetEntryByTitleInCollection error which may lead to failing root id selection with root pattern (DMX-385)
    Fix: Net 4 framework adjustment to web.config needed for IIS 7 (DMX-386)
    Fix: Subscriptions removed from UI for host users as this didn't work correctly anyway (DMX-389)

    Please take usual precautions when upgrading.

    You are not authorized to post a reply.